EGR delete plate- TB bracket hits my heater tubes? is there a solution?


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Jun 14, 2003
Manitoba, Canada
i did the fox swap on my car and ran the egr spacer for a while.

i had some problems with the spacer so i made my own egr delete plate. when i went to bolt it on i noticed that the throttle cable bracket hits my heater tubes now.

i'm running a stock fox upper and fox valve covers.

is there a easy solution for this?

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on my fox i deleted the EGR so i had to modify the bracket to fit, its kind of the same idea and may give you a starting point, i just raised it up a bit, as well i had to rig up a plate to attach it cause of no EGR spacer, i did tack weld it so it wouldn't move, but it is bolted on not held together with welds

heres a pic
imagine the pen is the throttle cable
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EDIT i jsut noticed your car is AUTO, you may have to modify it different


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I had a problem somewhat like this. With a EGR delete my throttle cable bracket was hitting my FPR. I had to use some washers and some longer bolts and use the washers as spacers to clear the FPR. I am away from home right now so I don't have any pictures of it.
When I converted to 351w in my 90 I had to cut out the heater tubes and replace them with hose. Pretty easy, just get the appropriate sized hose and some hose clamps. A hacksaw goes through the tubes really quick.

I'm not real sure I completely understood your troubles, but hopefully this helps.

And if you ask me, leave the EGR in place. There are many potential tuning issues when deleting the EGR and the EGR does not hurt performance at wide open throttle. It can also improve fuel economy.
thanks for the help guys.

finally got the car running again.

i ended up notching the bracket for the tubes and welded it up to reinforce it a bit. i also spaced it out a bit with two washers where it mounts.

it looks alot cleaner and smaller now with out that stupid EGR spacer.