electric fan good or bad!!??


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May 28, 2005
My dad bought a nice ec fan for his 69 stang. But when he installed it the car ran hot like 250 or something. So he went back to manual fan and shrwoud(however its spelled) and it went back to normal like 180-200.
well the ec fan is sitting around... And was wondering if you guys recommend me putting it on my 5.0 but i dont want overheating issues, or something. It would be free, yes! but if it runs hot i dont want it, dont feel like switching them in and back out and then back in again lol..... what do you guys think.
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What is the Airflow: Cu. Ft./Min. what rpm is the fan motor? An electric fan is usually a better cooling source if it is a nice fan with a lot of air pulling power. However if it is not a really killer air moving fan, it is hard to beat a shroud/fan setup. Also a lot of electric fans you can wire them to run forwards or backwards. Not assuming you dont know this, but make sure you set it up as a puller if you mount it on the inside of the radiator. best thing is to just try it, its FREE.
agree with fox. it could have been wired up wrong and pulling air in wrong direction. i feel that if it overheated in your dad's car it probably will overheat in yours even if it was correctly set up before. might be fine for a 4 banger but not enough to cool a v8. ive had a couple electric fans in past and i found you had to spend some dough to get the decent ones out there. of course it comes at a cost of pulling amps which puts load on alternator and therefore robbing some power. although the space saving is nice and it cleans up compartment. just make sure if u do go electric that correct breaker/fuse are used, right guage wire, good soldered connections, good ground, and good placement of wire inside compartment.
well i dont think im going to use it.. I can get a part number and brand but it was ordered from NPD. And it wasnt like 500.00 but i think it was like 250 and so it cant be junk maybe not top off the line..but still. Im going to keep the manual fan..
This is the fan i use. It seems to work pretty well. Not too hard to install either. It mounts directly onto the radiator using existing holes...no drilling. I dont race...so there isn't a huge amount of strain on the motor, but it does well in the Southern California desert heat.

Part# 175
Direct bolt-on for the Mustang 5.0
application, 1986-1993.

Think it was about $150.00 or so.