Electric Fan?

Johnny GT

New Member
Sep 1, 2002
Just wondering if anybody could recomend a good electric fan for my car? My current stock one is junk and I could just replace it, but people tell me that electric is the way to go!
Just a street cruiser with a few mods. '92 5.0
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got the taurus fan and it was nothing but a PITA...both the wiring and how it works.....clicks as it spins, barely fits...so i guess ill be looking for a new one...probably the proform fan just because of its looks and cleanliness. How does it fit? and how does it get bolted/supported to the car? everyone says the black magic/proform is no good but as long as it cools the car it does its job.
I have a 3.8 Taurus fan and no problems at all. My friend had one that clicked, I think it depends on the year you get it from. His motor was different than mine. Anyways, when it gets warmer I will be upgrading to a Mark VIII Fan becuase I found one in a junkyard, and got a good deal on it.
that new company Zip products has a complete system for like $139. i dont know how much the jegs one is, but thats a good deal-----it comes with a thermostat switch, mounting brackets and what not. I dont have it yet, but for that price, you cant beat it.
Just installed my new electric tonight, just from a junk yard off a dump truck lol works great just had to make my own brackets and wire it up but i didnt mind gave me something to do while i was drinking in the garage runs much cooler and rpms climb faster = more power
What radiator do you have? Dual contour, Mark 8, Taurus 3.8 or my favorite the Viper fan... All are good options. Just gotta find one that fits your radiator and between the pullies.