Electrical gremlin???

i keep having a problem with the windsheild wipers, power windows, and rear hatch release not working. It started recently and i dont know why but the first time they cut out i pulled the fuses and stuck them back in and it worked for about 2 days....now they all dont work again and the drivers window is stuck down and a storm is a brewin... and ive tried messing with the fuses but no luck...

any ideas??
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why would the wipers and trunk release not work too?..

oh ya and the radio doesnt work when all this is going on...so when i have the problem the things that dont work are:

power windows
trunk release

everything else works.. ie, power locks, lights...etc

all of those things are on completly different fuses...
Possible bad fuse link. Use the diagrams from the previous post to find the common fuse link that supplies these circuits.
See http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/images/IgnitionSwitchWiring.gif

With the switch on, you will probably find there is no power to the Black/Lt Greeen wire. It is switched power for circuits 2, 6, 11, & 14.

Circuit 6 = Trunk lid release
Circuit 14 - Power windows.

See http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/images/MustangFuseBox.gif for more info

The ignition switch has probably died. There is a recall on ignition switches to get them replaced for free. The recall was to replace defective switches that could short out and burn up the steering column and sometimes the car interior.:eek: