Emotionally Distraught...


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Mar 30, 2005
Dealer calls yesterday, Friday the 6th of May (ordered the car 5th of February) says that I can come down around Noon on Saturday the 7th of May at Noon to pick up the car.

I was on cloud 9 with 7 virgins... I know it's only a car, but I was excited!

I arrive at the dealer to find out that they couldn't get the car from the rail drop point like they thought they would be able to.

Now I have to wait till Monday after work!

My head is ready to explode.

:damnit: :damnit: :damnit: :damnit: :damnit: :damnit: :damnit:
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PolkThug said:
I feel really really bad for you, that is awful you are getting a new Mustang on Monday. Here's a tissue. :rolleyes:

Dude why do you have to be an ASS.

They told me it was ready, and I go to get it and it's not ready. I realize other are still waiting...

Forget it man.

It's a emotional time now. It is hard to wait when you know its so close. Relax and take some deep breathes. Monday will come, you'll pickup the car and have the biggest grin on you face on the drive home.
samckernan said:
Dude why do you have to be an ASS.

They told me it was ready, and I go to get it and it's not ready. I realize other are still waiting...

Forget it man.


I thought it was kind of funny myself but hey, he did label the post "emotionally distraught". Guess we're unfeeling bastards. Think of it this way, you didn't get the car for the weekend but now eveyone at work will get to see it before it even has road grime on it. There's always another way to look at things. Keep your chin up. If you buy it, it will come.
Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth... repeat... think happy thoughts... relax...

Ahhhh... now I feel better.

PolkThug, sorry about calling you an a$$.

Thanks for the words of encouragement people.

Less than 24hours to go!

I get 'emotionally distraught' over the simplest things myself, so if I were in your shoes, I'd be as bad, or worse! But like jlisle01 said, there's other ways of looking at things. I'm still waiting to make that purchase, myself, so I'll consider you one lucky stang owner when you get your car! :D
Now that your relaxed, remember on the way home take it slow. You will see so many people just gazing and their jaws dropping to the floor board of their cars. I brought my car home Friday and it was about an hour drive back from the dealer. It amazed me how many people love these cars.
It's here... one pic... more to follow...

Finally, it's here!

It's here... one pic... more to follow...

What an awesome machine.

Thanks everyone for the info, moral support, and just being there...


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SVTdriver said:
That looks a lot like one I saw in the Renton area Sunday.

Sound Ford of Renton. They tolld me that they picked it up from the rail drop point on Monday. There was another one there for the last week or so, but it's an auto/black/GT.

125 miles in the first 24hours...

I hope you guys get your cars soon... :spot:
Congrats. And you thought you were emotionally distraught before. Now look at you!

dfn: "emotionally distraught" - now I need mods, more power - more power - more power, need mods -- need money for mods, need money for more power - dangit, your emotionally distraught again :)