Engine Bay Cleaning.


New Member
May 12, 2004
Hey guys my car will be in a car show for its first time on July 4th, and I was wondering what can I use to clean my engine bay, its not dirty or anything but I just want it to shine. I've heard of simple green? But is it bad to just spray water all in you engine bay? Also anything else I need to know about car shows? Any advice? Thanks guys.
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Simple green just cleans. Try Bike Brite to make it shine a little, especially chrome. I cover my air filter and thats it. But as soon as your done, start it up and close the hood (to trap the heat) so that it dries out. No pressure washing (it forces water where it shouldn't go.)
do not spray your alternater or any electrical components directly. they will get wet from the splashing. thats o.k. just start the car so it can dry like the above post said. back to black works great on the engine bay. good luck, hope you win.
Simple green to clean it...Spray the engine with water, then spray on the simple green and let it set for about 10-15 minutes before you spray it off...then try some of the spray on tire foam on all the black plastic parts...it does wonders...
Just to advise anyone with a 99 or newer cobra, they have coil on plug distributorless ignition and that means no water under the hood! I did not pressure wash it and just using the hose under there caused my spark plugs to get too wet and the performance of my engine went way down untill I took it in and had them all dried out and about 2 weeks later it was finally driving right. So to all of you who want to clean your engine, make sure absolutely nothing electrical gets wet! Its much easier to clean the older engines because of the distributer cap that protects them from the water. If anyone has any tips for blocking off stuff that you dont want to get wet, shooot em my way :D