Engine Casting Numbers?

66 Tiger

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Jul 13, 2003
I am so CONFUSED.:bang:

First I thought I had a 289. ( what PO told me )

Next I thought I had a 351W. ( after removing starter & researching numbers on internet )

Now Im back to not having a clue? ( after trying to install my heads & the 1/2 ARP bolts are the wrong size / their too big which indicates a 302 maybe? )

Can anyone help me out here.

The numbers on the block are: C90E-6015-C


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I think the first "C9" indicates a 1969 block, which would make it a 302. Most 302's have "302" cast into the block in the lifter valley, but my '68 289 had 302 cast into it as well. I really don't think a 351W would fit in a Tiger chassis due to the deck height, but I've been wrong before.
Yea the C9XX just indicates the year. If you were unable to screw in 1/2" bolts, than it would not be a 351W. Try the 7/16" bolts, which are for 302s. Also, I see you have the heads off, just measure the piston travel to determine stroke and the bore if you want to figure out the size of the motor (302, 306, 310, 331, 347).