Engine compatibility


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Mar 7, 2004
Hello everyone, does anyone know if it is a straight swap to put a 4.6l engine into a say 2000 mustang. I was thinking of getting a mustang, but all the GTs are usually too expensive and I want the V8 performance. So I was thinking of just getting this 2000 mustang (because I like that bodystyle more than the 94-99 style) and after driving the car for a while swapping in a 4.6l. So I dont really know if the cars have all the same mounts and they just give them different engines depending on the model or if theres something else going on. I really dont want to have to deal with getting a different drive shaft, so I was hoping someone could give me some advice on the subject. If there is a better area to post, can someone let me know. Thanks in advance

BTW does anyone know what the difference in insurance is for convertibles? I found a 95GT I like but its a convertible and I think that insurance might be alot more. Thanks again
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Just save your money and get a GT rather than trying to build one down the road. That would be more of a headache and money than just waiting until you can afford the real deal.
Call your insurance co with regards to the insurance question, but I've heard the same thing too - that verts are more to insure.
well honestly id rather save up and get the GT but thats not really an option right now I just need a car to get to college(and my parents want me to get something with low miles so I cant really get a beater). Plus what I was planning to do was wait a while to get some use out of my engine and do the swap next summer. BTW if it is a simple swap I know someone that can do it for me.

wheres a good place to buy a new engine?
you will need the engine, k-member, wiring harness, new tranny(the modulars have a different bolt pattern than the 38 specials), driveshaft, rear end(38specials have a 7.5" which will snap like a twig with the 4.6). plus you will need the computer and radiator. then there are always the little things, belts, hoses. its definately not worth it. the amount of money you would spend converting it would be the same or more than if you just got a gt with its higher insurance.
ok thanks thats all I really needed to know, I was hoping that it wouldnt be that much trouble, but i shouldhave known better. I figured the tranny would be fine but I guess not, and I completely forgot all about the radiator and such.