Engine Swap dilemma


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Mar 22, 2010
Atlanta, GA
I have a 98 GT vert for my daily driver and it's time to turn up the performance of it. I have 137k miles so I am thinking I would like to have the block refreshed and machined soon anyway.

I have considered a PI swap with some port work and cam swap, but I can get my hands on a 2000 PI V8 for $1400 bucks.

i can also get my hands on a 1998 cobra motor with relatively low miles for around 2400 bucks.

My question is 1. If the Cobra motor is plug and play and 2. Will it mate to the AOD transmission for my 1998 GT? The cobra motor is complete from intake to oil pain with all accessories and belts, etc.

If it's not possible I might consider just buying the PI 2000 motor and having port and polishing with a cam added later.

Any input would be much appreciated.

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stay 2v, i have basically a 01 gt engine with ported heads and degreed cams in mine right now, and it pulls pretty damn strong, i like it. with cams mine should be walking from 96-98 cobra's, plus 2400 for that engine is a waste of money..

but get a 01+ engine the heads are better and the intake isnt crappy (plastic coolant passage)
Thanks for the input!

Yah, I did a little more research and figured the 01+ motors with some cams and port work is where its at when considering bankg for my buck.

Will post when I get it swapped with results!
2005 pi motor ou of a crown vic police interceptor with 34k on the reman motor they replace 16mths before the car was rearended. also i paid $750 with a 90day waranty. so my advice dont jump on the first thing you come too, shop around. i did and look now it paid off big time.
if you get a 00 motor and plan to do cams make sure you buy new cam gears.. the 99-00 gears are press on and not bolt on...just ran into that problem when putting stage 2's in mine..lesson learned