exhaust ideas?

Q's Stang

Jun 28, 2004
planning on getting a 01 stang in a couple weeks and im up in the air about what kind of exhaust to get. i was just thinking about getting bassani from headers to cat back, or thinking about getting BBK headers, ???? x-pipes, and borla cat backs. i dont know if i should match the BBK headers w/ BBK pipes or what? well if yall could throw some good combos from headers to cat backs id appreciate it!
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I like SLP :D




Hardcore Performance :nice:
I have an SLP catted x-pipe and flowmasters ...wouldn't want anything else ...and when people say not too pair 2 chamber flows with x pipes, don't listen to them - x-pipe and flows sounds clean and hollow ...and real racy when you get on it ...think the cats take the "rasp" out of the tone. Well whatever mufflers you decide, if you are going X i just wanna let you know the SLP fit real nice with good clearance. My friend has borla on his and it sounds real good, but crackles a lot ...I like it - definetly doesnt sound like every other stang, but I prefer flowmaster. Good luck.
This is going to sound odd, but the other day I heard a recent model GT with an amazing sounding exhaust - it was low, "gurgly," and very mean sounding. Is there a particular exhaust/header combo or company that this is known for, or are all GT's blessed with such a sound when treated to an aftermarket exhaust?
undefinedundefinedi checked out the exhaust clips and its up in the air w/ bassani, borla, or magnaflow...i should have a good 2k to spend on headers, x-pipe, & cat back so price doesnt really seem like an issue. i know that if i decide to get bassani or magnaflow i would match the pipes with the cat back, but if i dont get bassani im not too sure on what kinda headers to get. ive heard that BBK and hooker are good so im sure it would be a toss up between those two. im sure magnaflow pipes with a borla cat back should sound real nice, but w/ all these options...how can you lay your foot down and decide?!?!? :bang:
I like the Bassani X and Borla combo, not to loud for normal driving but when you get on it they will hear you. Before I purchased my exhaust I talked to some local Mustang owners to see what they were running, when I heard the combo I liked that’s what I went with.