exhaust leak


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Mar 30, 2005
i cant find the exhuast leak.i took everything apart from tailpipes to midpipe and check my headers bolts.I made sure i all the bolts were on tight.then I took the car for a ride and still hear that annyoning exhaust leak:mad: .What else can cause a exhaust leak?i try to find it by covering the tailpipes with rags and then reving it up and cant hear it.

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Okay. More then likely the leak is either your headers or where the H pipe connects to the headers. Did you use the gaskets that were supplied with the mac headers to install them? If so I wouldnt dobut if your header gaskets are shot.

You can try to find a metal rod about 1.5 feet, use it to transmit the noise, place it on a suspect area and put your ear to the other end it will help.

Also you wont beable to hear a exhaust leak when revving the motor best way to pinpoint it is to go on the highway get it in top gear then very slightly get on the gas, you should hear it then. If it sounds like its comming from your dash area its prob the headers/gaskets, if it sounds like its comming from around your feet or below you its the connection between the headers and your H pipe.

good luck.
exhaust leaks SUCK... i still have one either at the header/head connection or the header/h-pipe connection...

the header will have to be removed to replace its gasket... supposedly the ford racing copper gasket is a good one... but i have those and wonder if they are leaking
I would use a Felpro gasket, or i find the best is OEM ford gaskets they can be reused and are nice, stay away from the paper gaskets. Good luck. Try to make sure its the headers tho before you take them apart.