EXHAUST on my 95 v6

95 stang v6

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Oct 11, 2009
I have a 95 v6 with true duals with flomaster 40 series on it, ending with four inch cannons. Its all 2 1/2 in pipe besides my h-pipe, I have a fox body h-pipe thats 2 1/2 also, i know that the brackets arn't the same but i will just weld it up, but my question is will it bolt up to my headers. Im going for the best sound and performance and i want it all to be 2 1/2 for the maxium air flow.

Please help:D
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While we're on the topic of exhaust... does anyone know how to get 5.0 tail pipe (the drivers side mainly) to clear over the axle? I have 2 complete 5.0 tailpipe sections, from where it connects to the mufflers. It has slightly larger stainless pipes than stock. I looked at the drivers side, and it's nearly identical to the pipe on my 92. The problem I'm having is trying to get the damn pipe to clear over the axle. Usually all I have to do it jack the car up so the axle drops enough, but I still can't get it past the axle on my V6. I looked at my 92 and compared the frame and all attached control arms and brackets. Everything is identical in shape and size, yet I cant get the damn pipe past the control arm on my V6. Any ideas? I'm using this because the stock tailpipe is unusable. Theres not enough straight pipe length on it to attach any fittings... let alont match the odd 2 inch pipe size.
Try unbolting the shocks & have someone push down on the drivers side rotor while you fish the tailpipe in. It should go right in. Also do you have enough ground clearance to move the pipe in any direction needed?
Ground clearance? Sitting in the driveway. Don't have a lift to use anymore. I had it jacked up on the drivers side rear and placed a jack stand there. Basically some left and right and not a lot of up or down. The end hits the ground.. well go figure. Gas tank to the right so not a ton there. Also , (take a U and turn it upside down, thats the part that goes over the axle) .. the top part of that rev U will hit some kind of _/ shaped bracket attached to the body & inner rear wheel well, if I move left too much. I was thinking about loosening the shock to let the axle drop a little more. Do the shocks on the 5.0 extend further or something? I recall I had replaced a rusted out drivers side pipe on my 92, but I dont recall having that much difficulty gettiing it in.
I've install them without a lift. The ground clearance is playing the important role. Jack the car up from the center of the rearend housing & find some stong blocks to get the max height from your jack stands. Place them on the flat area where the bottom control arms bolt to the car. Unbolt the shocks from the rearend & lower the jack. If more is needed while the jack has the rearend weight unbolt the brake lines from the floorpan bracket.