exhaust question


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May 3, 2004
Jackson, Ms
im thinking about doing some exhaust mods to my '99 GT and i cant decide what exactly to do to get the most power and the best sound. i was wondering whether to get a cat-back system or a midpipe, and if i did get a midpipe should i go with an x, or a pro-chamber and what would it sound like with my stock mufflers.

thanks. Spike.
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the "best" sound that you are looking for is different for everyone.... the sound factor will mostly based on the cat-back you choose.. there's so many brand out there to choose from.. so go with the one that you like best :)

as for x and h pipes.. x is more raspy and h is more deep... while x makes more power. Prochamer is kind of like x pipe performance wise but I don't have much experience about the sound.

anyhow, if you havn't yet. Check out. http://www.mustangexhaust.com

they have TONS of soundclips and discussion forums.. good luck bud..
I've said many times, work the exhaust from back to front, replacing the cat-back first, then the mid pipe, then headers. Of course, two or all three can be done at one time, and planning is necessary (since, if you plan to get LTs, a factory style mid pipe won't work).
A catback alone will boost performance and give you a taste of the swwet sounds cabable from the mod V-8.
Check www.mustangexhaust.com for some sound clips of different combos. Registration is required but it's free and quick.