SN95 Exhaust Questions


Apr 10, 2012
Ok I'm wanting a little more low end rumble type sound in my 94 GT. I've been pretty happy with it for years but after seeing all these YouTube vids of exhaust it's making me want more. Lol

Right now I have the stock headers, stock h pipe with cats removed, not gutted. And flowmaster 40 series. I like the sound but would like a little louder and lower tone. All suggestions and comments welcome! Thanks!

How much difference would an aftermarket H pipe make?

I've read several times that aftermarket headers aren't worth it. Is this true?

And as far as cat back goes, how much difference is there between one from a local muffler shop and all the expensive setups?
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40 series are pretty loud. Go on the web and search for clips of dynomac, Flomac, and flomwaster for reference. An H pipre will add a more throaty sound over the stock pipe. Get one with the O2 sensor bungs in it. Shorty aftermarket headers add little in the way of hp. LT will add HP and Torque .

A good muffler shop can make a cat back, but the tubes wont be mandrel bent and won't be SS, they will be aluminized pipe.
ok thanks, I do like and want to keep my 40s I looked up the mandrel thing and that makes since. So, one more question. If i keep my flowmasters and stock headers for now. And get a 2.5 inch H pipe and tails. Esentially making it 2.5 all the way the way back instead of 2.25. how much difference in sound will that make?
I have your same setup pretty much stock h and headers w pre cats removed but I'm using forza flow mufflers. Yes forza flow, they're a tad louder than the flowmasters that were on it and a tad deeper. The drone on the hwy w 3.73's sucks a little though. I'm no expert by any means but I don't think/doubt shorty headers would really be worth the money power wise. If you opt for the top dollar shiney ones it'd dress things up but I bet that's about it. As for sound changing a shorties I can't say, no experience.