exhaust tips


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May 26, 2004
How do I fix my exhaust tip to be higher? Do I need new exhaust hangers? My right one is like a little lower than my left. Tried to adjust it and everything, since i got my new catback on. Its like 1cm lower or whatever. When I pull up on the tips on both sides there is a little slack, could I stuff something in the hanger hole on the bottom, so the exhaust tip sits up higher? What can I do? Do I just need new hangers? I want both of them pushed up. My stock exhaust was like that with the right tip always being lower. I thought a new catback would fix it, but it didnt.
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I took my Bassani tips off and bent the metal arms that are welded to the tip (and goes into the hanger). If ya wanna get real anal and do it like I did, measure the distance you want to lift it then measure the gap between the tip of the arm and the exhaust tip. Bend it down the desired distance and Vola! This brought my tips up real snug to the bumper...
how would you bend the arm on the tip? Its a skinny rod that slides into the hanger hole and goes all the way through. where would i bend on the road? Any easier way, I would have to disasemble the exhaust again the endings.