Extremely worried if i damaged engine swap 1997 mustang GT


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Jan 27, 2020
I'm currently in the middle of an engine swap from my old engine which threw a rod, i've done this swap before with the old 2v to a 2009 crown vic 2v which just recently threw a rod.

I've always done maintenance on my vehicles so i know it's very very important.

I'm swapping to a 93 lincoln mark viii 32V engine, almost done with everything, just about to install into the vehicle and wanted to compression test while it was cold to ensure it was holding compression. (Engine has been sitting in a warehouse since 2006! w around 100k on it) dropped oil pan previously and everything looked great, no rust and cylinder walls looked clean.

I started compression test outside engine and cranked on starter for maybe 4 or 5 seconds before realizing i forgot to put oil in the engine (Big oops)

After putting in the oil it compression tested great, held between 160 - 180 on each cylinder.

I'm just extremely worried that maybe i damaged something by cranking on it first without oil?? I put in a capful marvel mystery oil in each cylinder prior to the compression test and prior to putting oil in so it has SOME oil lubricating the pistons.

Do you think i did any damage??
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Jan 14, 2019
Aptos, CA
If this is not "in" the car, your best and piece of mind job, is to remove the pan and check some bearings. Having the engine sit for 5+ years without any rotation and/or oil pressure getting to rods/crank/valvetrain etc. could be susceptible to some wear, even if you filled the oil pan and cranked hoping the pump primed the system. Best thing to do would've been to prime the engine to ensure oil was getting where it needs to. Now, I highly doubt you did damage, but to be sure, check.
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Sep 1, 2010
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The rotating speed of the starter and the lighter load without the cylinders firing probably saved your engine from great harm. There was some oil left on the bearings, but how much after 15 years is not a lot.
I’d check like Weendoggy suggests.


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I swapped cams into my car and forgot to oil them down before I sealed it all up. I drove the car for over 100k with no issues. If you've run it already it's too late to oil the cylinders but my bet is you did no harm.