Factory Plenum Cover & Matching Cam/Valve Covers


Sep 1, 2003
OK, I tried to search for these but gave up.

I have the factory plenum cover on my 07 GT and I've seen people with the matching valve/cam covers. Where do I purchase those?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks DF!

There is no way I'm buying them at this price:

I have their parts too and the $239 is dirt frikin cheap when you see how nice the parts are. Ask a body shop what they would charge to prep and paint a factory cover. I bought my intake cover, painted to match, for $250 then sold my factory one for $50. The cam covers, fuse box cover, and radiator shoud ends went on order the second I put their intake cover on and realized how great the fit and finish really is.

Two thumbs up for midwest auto!

I think they look great. I have other parts from them. The radiator extensions look like factory and really clean up the engine compartment. I want the fuel rail covers. Maybe I can get them after George Bush sends me my $600, if I don't need it for gas. How difficult are these covers to install?
I just want to comment quick on this subject. I thought there prices were high when I ordered my first piece from them (plenum cover, my 06 did not come with one). However there quality was very nice. I have purchased a few other parts from them and there customer services is the BEST I've ever dealt with. I wouldn't hesitate for a second on recommending them or any of there products.
Always remember, you get what you pay for!

Here is a quick pic (getting my TB and Valve covers painted so it should clean my Eng. bay up a little)

View attachment 317830