Factory Window Glue ?!?!?!?

Passenger side door glass is hitting the roof, so I pull the door panel to adjust the stops, but then I find out that the glass itself is coming out of the bracket that contacts the up stop adjuster. The bracket looks like it is just glued onto the glass, or is this assembly missing something? My neighbor tells me that he tried to repair the same problem on his '99 and the best glue at Autozone did not work for very long. What is the best way to repair this?
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I've dealt with this issue in an older Mustang. You might try using a silicone adhesive caulk from Home Depot. Just make sure the glass is in the right place, because it's obviously meant to be permenant when it's dry.

I don't know how they deal with this when they replace a broken window. Maybe the bracket comes already installed on the glass. I'm sure a glass replacement shop would know.
Called the glass shop, apparently this is a very common problem. They quoted me $80 to pull the glass, re-glue the bracket, install and adjust or $160 to install a new side glass with redesigned brackets. Didn't want to go that route since this glass has been tinted. Bought some Permatex 30min high strength two part epoxy at Pep Boys. Cleaned up everything really well and glued it up, waited the eight hour cure time, and it seems to be solid as a rock now.