Family owned 1966 C-code Fastback soon to be out for restoration. PICS ADDED!


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Nov 9, 1999
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First a little history.
Most of you here don’t know me , but I’ve been a longtime StangNet member since 1999. I currently own a 1999 Limited Edition GT since Sept 1999 and it has 94,500 miles and has been a solid performer since day one. I am also a mod on the 35th Limited Edition forums. The other mustang in my stable is a 1966 Fastback 289 2v in Raven Black my parents bought new in November 1965. It was a daily driver until 1985 and due to a slipping tranny was parked. My father used great wisdom not letting myself or brother near the car during our teen years. It sat neglected in the barn covered and seemingly forgotten.
Since I could not use this mustang as a project, I purchased a 1969 Winter Blue Sportsroof 351 2v in 1992 and I was 21 yrs old by this time. I drove it for about 4-5 years and then partially dismantled it for whatever reason. And then it sat for 4 years. I met my future wife in 1999 and I sold the 1969 in 2000 for funds to build a house.
Time passed and I’d go to the barn and look at the old pony and make promises to get to it. We’d occasionally fire it up to make sure it still ran and it did, but rather poorly as you can imagine. More years passed and now I had just passed my 47th bday in 2018. Time does indeed fly.
So I discussed with my wife the idea of getting it restored, she was a firm supporter and I proceeded with plans and began talking to a restorer.
However, tragedy struck Mid June 2018 and my wife suffered a fatal heart attack and passed at age 47. Everything stopped. Everything.
She was my world, my best friend. All that changed suddenly.
After months of finalizing her estate, I realized life is short and touched base with the restorer I had dealt with. He knew my situation and we began the work to make it happen.
I learned quickly that life doesn’t wait, it rolls on. We should too. Don’t put aside things you want to do until tomorrow as we are not guaranteed that sunrise.
With that I will just say that I will do my best to update the progress and post pic as much as I can.

Thanks, Jason


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Mar 5, 2019
May this project help you with the grieving process, Good thoughts and prayers your way.

love those early FBs