Favorite mustang interior?

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This is my favorite :rock: :rock: :rock:

03-04 Mach 1 interior FTMFW!!!:nice:

The seats are comfortable & supportive, the retro pattern is sweet, & the gauges are the best!!!




My 2nd favorite I dont think many of you will agree with, but I love the fox body Saleen interiors. I always loved the seats with the halo headrests that I think came originally in the 85-86 GT's....



My least favorite mustang interior other than porno red fox body interior would have to be the 10th annitversary Cobra interior...Just not a fan of red inserts & I also half to agree about not liking the indiglo guages...:puke:

I've owned two Foxes and my one new Edge. I liked both interiors. The seats in the Mach are worlds better than the Foxes. The S197 that I test drove I hated the interior. Looked as attractive as dog shiite.