Few Questions

Hey Fellas,

Couple things - had my serpentine belt replaced few weeks ago - had the unlucky experience of driving down a dirt road and shortly after now have a rattling coming under the engine - narrowed it down to one of the pulleys I believe even though it seems like I thought it was the exhaust - but def. up front - any ideas why? I can't think of any rocks coming up to cause it - but it started from there...

I've got MA plates and UNFORTUNATLEY I've got to swap to the VA plates this month (July reg. is up!) plus I've got to get in-state rates for school down here - don't really remember what MA emissions were like (I don't even think we had any?) - what's the emissions down here like? My POS just about stock GT isn't getting gears/headers/cai/catted x/catback til' Aug/Sept. and I just had the old beat up stock tuned up - any things I should look out for? Also - anyone know any good local mechanics (wink wink) around Fairfax?

Lastly, I need some body work (ding ding ding...etc.) done - I've got a ding king and some other **** shops - anyone know any good places with good rates? One guy gave me an estimate of 150 PER PANEL - my ***! I'm only looking to throw down a few hundo. AT MOST. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for reading (nothing special I know)

- Andrew
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In response to the first paragraph, what makes you think it's the pulleys? Is the rattling noise constant? Does it progress with RPM? What speeds does it do it at? We need more specifics.

In response to the second paragraph, I believe that VA is pretty lenient when it comes to the sniffer. If the cam hasn't been changed, and the stock H-pipe is used, there is no reason why you shouldn't pass the sniffer test. If you don't pass, you have a problem.

Finally, when it comes to body work, you get what you pay for. If you don't have the money, keep saving. Getting some half ass to do it will result in less than stellar, half ass work. I've seen far too many "cheap" bodyshops do awful work. They sure were cheap, and the person saved a buck doing it, but they'd have to go back somewhere else if they wanted it to look GOOD.