Filter magnets and light blackout kit


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Feb 28, 2006
Just wanted to ask a couple of questions.

Does anyone currently use any of the oil filter magnets that are out now on their stangs? Im not sure if I want to buy into the hype, but most are only 20 or so bucks and if they do half what they claim it might still be worth it.

Also does anyone have this blackout kit on thier car? and if so can we see some pics. I think it might look good on my Tungsten.

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i didnt black out the fogs because they were not available yet when i bought the blackouts. visibilty really sucks with the covers on. since i dont have the fogs covered, i use the fogs as my headlights.

the install was a little tricky. on my car, i had to loosen the fender bolts to allow the cover to slide between the headlamp and fender. the gap was too tight. on the bright side, you cant pull them off easily with the fender holding mine in, so they cant be stolen.

the rears dont fit very well IMO. they rub on the trunk at the sides of the taillights. the covers are scuffed, and they squeek as you drive. :( looks great, but i think they need a little more refinement. i may cut the sides of the rear covers so they dont rub on the trunk. they also just tuck under the taillight and velcro to the top. not very secure, IMO. i dont think you could peel them off with the trunk closed, but a thief would still try. afterall, what do they have to lose if it breaks? they didnt buy them.

but i think it does look good with the blackouts and tinted windows. :)