Finally caved in...


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Aug 26, 2003
Tucson, AZ
After many months of my car not running (coolant mixing with the oil) I have decided to not try to get the block fixed, and go with a new short block from DSS.

Here is the invoice. Estimate 3-29-06.pdf

Everything is forged (except the crank) and balanced within 1 gram and I can still retain the stock balancer/flywheel (crank is externally balanced). It's only a 306 :(

So it should be here within 3-4 weeks and I will hopefully have the car up and running very soon afterwards. Just thought I would share and I think I will post a write up when I am done, like I always do for any project I tackle.
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I wanted the 306 b/c I didn't want to spend the extra money for the 331 or 347. I have also seen problems with stroker kits before. Too much stroke causing sidewall issues.

I will take the trickflow stage 1 cam out of my old block and put it in the new one. I don't think I will change it, unless there is some reason the stage 1 is bad with the TF combo I have.

I can't even find any prices on oil pumps on summit to reference the price to. Can anyone point me to somewhere????

I have only heard good things about DSS. I am surprised to hear anything bad now.....hmmmm.....fill me in please!!
Not sure what exactly you're looking for, but I found 3 pumps w/ pickup combo's on Summit's site. All 3 are high volume pumps.





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According to summit's site, those you listed are for the 5.8L and not for the 5.0. The only one that fits a 5.0 is the first one (SES-5-60-08-005) for 49.95. Summit only has their oil pumps on their site. I might look somewhere else, as I have no idea of the quality of their piece. Anyone know where else to look? Jegs only has one FMS oil pump which is $50.

Also, I think I am going to order BBK or fms non-el shorty headers. Might as well upgrade while I am there.

I finally found some pumps on summit. Took for-frickin-ever though. Summits site is strange sometimes.

Thanks for the input guys.
I too have the DSS 306, I have the pro bullit 306 with I beam rods. I like it so far. I have been sorting out a vavle train issue this winter (my fault for being lazy, and not paying the attention to the mill on my heads and the deck of the block).

I have great oil press. with like 45-50 at idle and 70 at 2-3k rpm+.

here are some pics of what you will have soon.





enjoy :D
SWYZ721 said:
Nice, I've heard DSS Modular engines were not so not, but I've heard they know what they are doing when it comes to Windsors.

On a sidenote, who or what is that guy dancing in your avatar?:p

Well that is good news, b/c I have heard nothing but good things about them. Glad to reaffirm that.

And it's David Boreanaz from the TV show Angel. I'm a vampire flick nut and if you saw the show, you would know the irony of the brooding and sullen vamp dancing and full of gaiety.

blksn955.o, I am drooling right now. Looks so hot compared to the rust bucket I dealt with earlier. :nonono:

I see you paid for the extra main support system. Is it really worth it to get it?
Zero Signal said:
Awsome Scott, I'm glad to see you are doing something about your car sitting in the garage for longer than I can remember :nice: I can't wait to see it, we'll definitely be make more trips to the track.

Yeah no kidding. I have been patient way too long. And seeing as the engine ran with 10qts of 50/50 oil/coolant for a few days, I don't see it lasting all that long anyway.

I am going to tow my car to work soon, then yank the engine & get it on a stand. Take out the cam/TC/oil pan & heads. Then probably toss the short block.

Then once the block arrives, I can do the swap at work (taking a few days off of work, likely thursday/fri) and have a running stang again. Plus, if something comes up, I have 50 techs that will help if necessary.
SeventyMach1 said:
My bad. You're right .... the first one is the only one for a 5.0. I just did the search for SBF, so I picked up those other 2 as well.

Yeah, their site can be jacked up at times.

no worries. I am still trying to figure out why DSS wants $150 for a oil pump. It better be out of a LS1 (touched by the hands of god) or something if I am going to pay that price.......:)

I am gonna call them today at work and see what the heck is going on.