Finally finished long tube install, have a few questions...


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Feb 9, 2003
Lowell, MA
Ok well after about 10 days we finally finished the long tube install, now I have a few questions

My check engine light is on, i have a BBK catted H pipe (used with about 8k miles on it) so I am figuring I need to get MILS....but why would I need them if I have cats :shrug:

Also, I installed SPEC stage 1 clutch at the same time, there is a lot of clutch chatter, its noiser compared to stock, is this normal for an aftermarket clutch meant to handle lots of power? Granted the clutch pedal isnt adjusted 100% to perfection so that may have to do with it, but i mean it's still making alot more noise than im used to

thanks in advance
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I installed a Spec stage one myself about two years ago and it been great so far, no issues what so ever. As for the check engine light, be aware that MIL elimantors dont always work. I tried two different sets with my Catted Xpipe and neither would turn the light off, I ended up going with a chip.
i remenber hearing that since on LT, it relocate O2 senser down farther, exhaust gas would cool down and turn the SEL lights on. if that is the case, u might wabt to wrap ur header, and try to contain the heat
You're check engine light is probably on because of the front o2 sensors. MIL eliminators aren't going to help you in that case because they only keep the rear o2 sensors from tripping the SES light, they just trick it into thinking the reading is normal because rear o2 sensors are pretty pointless. The front o2 sensors is something you would might want to consider getting a really good tune for. Like what was said before, those front o2 sensors are pushed further back from the engine by the long tube headers, so the air is going to be cooler than what it was with the manifolds. I don't think header wrap would help, you could try it but I've only heard bad things about it.