Finally got to the track, not happy!


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Jun 25, 2004
Hi, i am not new to this site but have just finally decided to post. I went the track tonight for the first time.
My best
60ft 2.237
330 6.513
1/8th 10.005
1000 12.980
1/4 15.488 @ 90.37mph
Best 60ft. was 2.182 but i missed third gear and ended up with a 15.58. My mods are: borla catback exhaust, o/r h pipe, 3.73's, cai, and pulleys. This was with the full weight of the car, my girlfriend in the passenger seat, and subwoofers and golf clubs in the trunk. What do you think my car was capable of? I was at least hoping to be in the 14's. :shrug:
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I was shifting at around 5500rpms. is that too high? I tried shifting at around 5000, but that hurt my times even more. I plan on getting the trick flow intake within the next weak, maybe that will help. :shrug:
:) why did u race with golf clubs and subs in your trunk ? sounds funny.

remove all that, leave your girl to watch and try again, should be much faster.

with stuff that u got + LT headers i ran 14.00@96mph
First off those times aren't bad for a first outting :nice:
Practice will get you there.
But the following will help :D
Get a video cam and give it to the GF to film you. Leave the golf clubs at home. Lower your rear tire's air pressure to 20psi and increase the fronts to 40psi. Try shifting @ 5200rpm with the stock cam and intake. Maybe shift a little higher with the TF intake but not much. Also, if you don't have an shifter with end stops then get one so you can shift quickly and safely. Don't want to bend those shift forks in the T5.
With the same mods as you minus the extra weight and slightly better 60's (2.0's) I run 14.0-14.1 every time down at about 97.5-99mph dependant on the weather.

You definitely are down some mph. I would pull a couple plugs and make sure your not running lean or rich, do the basic plug/wire and cap/rotor tune up, and get it dyno tuned. Then get some stick tires and go back and speed shift and shift the 1-2 @ 5500 rpm, the 2-3 @ 5300rpm, and the 3-4 @ 5100 rpm. I wouldnt suggest powershifting (no throttle lift) until you really know how to shift quickly, because a missed shift could be goodbye to your tranny. Its less likely to happen if you lift very quickly between shifts.
My stock GTS ran 15.1 @ 95 mph (with a 2.4 60')in Phoenix AZ. Those times are way off, especially with your gears. I agree with what was said, do a full tune-up, fuel filter, plugs, check the wires, new rotor and cap and check the timing.