finished control arms


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Jul 2, 2006
a while back i posted a? on how to get upper cross shafts to screw in. and opentracker was nice enough to come through with the trick to it. got the things back from powder coating and assembled. and thought i'd show them off a little. i boxed them them holesawed them to lighten them and for hardware access. then followed something that i learned of from opentracker. that the cross shaft nuts can unscrew, so since i wanted to powdercoat my stuff my retainer had to bolt on. this is what i came up with. also did not like the cavity leading to the o-ring grease seal inboard so i found some tie rod boots to fit


  • mustang parts lower control arm.jpg
    mustang parts lower control arm.jpg
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    mustang upper control arm.jpg
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Very nice work!
Are you going to modify your perches to run roller bearings? Makes a noticable difference in ride quality.

this is the first classic stang project ive done so i just went with poly bushings .plus the budget is pretty tight so i'd rather build than buy. maybe down the road ill convert to rollers.for now dad just wants his car back together