Firewall adjustment question, how far out can I go?


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Jul 17, 2001
I smelled a faint clutch odor yesterday when the clutch pedal was pressed down, so today I want to adjust the cable so that the clutch plate is not rubbing on the flywheel when it is depressed.

I think I need to "back" the adjuster off away from the firewall to fix this. Is this correct?

How far can I back the adjuster off, without causing the plate to slip when engaged?
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different setups back out to different lengths. Unscrew to the left to tighten your adjustment. you're adjustment is perfect when you have about an inch of slack at the top of the pedal before it gets stiffer...begins to disengage. so long as you can feel a little bit of slack, you won't have to worry about it slipping when fully engaged. Right now, your pedal is probably mushy as all hell before it begins to get stiff. adjust that mush out to within an inch of stiffness.
you need to adjust it so that there is about 1 or 2 inches of play in the pedal before it gets tight. you can back the adjuster all the way out until it falls off but more than likely that will keep the clutch from engaging all the way. if the pedal is catching right off of the floor than you need to tighten up the cable (back off the adjuster a little bit at a time). but dont do it too much or you will risk smoking your clutch fairly quickly

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