First time Foxbody from New Jersey

Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. I recently finished the six month process of semi-restoring an 89 Foxbody that I’d purchased over the summer. Since it’s my first Mustang it’s important to me to actually learn about it, so I’ll be cruising the forums for as much info as possible.

Guy that sold it to me didn’t say much beyond that it was his “80 mile-a-day daily and that it ran". Paint was in rough shape but it was loud, so I bought it. Also there's a 93 Cobra engine dropped in it for some undisclosed reason. Got it tuned up and the repaint was just recently completed. I'm fixing up little stuff like the ignition switch (fixed!) and the door locks (I replaced everything...still nothing) as I go along but otherwise it's in much better shape than when I got it. Still need to get it dynoed and find out more about what's under the hood too.

Anyways I go by Mega, and this is my Fox. Cheers!


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Nice car Mega .You made some quick work of that. Now what are you gonna do with it.
Thanks I'm definitely happy with how it came out. My neighbor is big into meets so I hit up a few with him last night for the first time, folks seemed to appreciate it alot. Beyond that I'm doing the steering shaft next week, definitely gonna drive as much as possible before the snow hits
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