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Mar 17, 2004
Glasgow, KY
i bought a flame thrower last week and just got it in yesterday. well i finally got all of the wires ran. Well for those of you that have these kits, did you run your wires from your sparkplugs in the exhaust to the ignition coil? Thats what the directions say to do. all of the other wires of mine are hooked up (toggle, ground, power, positive wires on coil, and wires from spark plugs) well when i try to attach the wire from the plugs to the coil the car won't start. but when the wire isn't attached the car starts fine. is there something i'm doing wrong? The car acts like it wants to turn over but you can tell its just not geting a spark. so is the wire taking all of the spark from the main wire that goes to the distributor?
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heres a picture. the wire that i have twist tied to the spark plug wire is susposed to be attached to the coil along with the main spark plug wire so a spark will be sent to the 2 plugs in the exhaust tips. well when they both are attached the car wont start. but when only the main plug is attached it starts just like normal. so what am i susposed to wire the two plugs in the exhaust to?


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Kit does not include the coil and spark plug wire, but included in the instructions is where you can purchase these items for less than $10.

I would mount the coils somewhere towards the back so you aren't running that much power from a coil from one end of the vehicle to the other.

I also hope you have long tailpipes... or you could melt your rear bumper. :)

Post a video when you are done. :nice: