Engine Flat Plane Crankshaft Coyote


New Member
Sep 19, 2019
I have been doing a lot of research and i would like to build a flat plane crank coyote. I have a 2011 coyote block and roadrunner (boss) heads. I can put in the voodoo crank and can I use manley modular rods, or do i need to use voodoo rods bored to fit the coyote piston pin? the next obstacle is cams. I would like to use gt350 cams but i know the valve geometry is different. Could i use some combination of rocker arms the same way people do to put coyote cams in gt350 heads for a swap? Assuming all these are as simple as i think the next issue would be the secondary stroke vibration, if the rotating assembly is perfectly balanced and i use a twin disc clutch along with aluminum flywheel and driveshaft would this make up for it? or could the gt350 harmonic balancer be installed and would it have a benefit? Ford performance scoffs at me when i ask these questions so I have turned to the internet, any help is appreciated.
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