Fluid Capacity Chart?


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Apr 15, 2008
Delray Beach Fl
We are running 4 FR500S's in the Miller Cup Mustang Challenge, and had a couple quick questions. The cars did not come with owner manuals, and am not sure of the capacities of the fluids. I know the oil is 6 quarts with filter change, but am still lacking information on the transmission (T-56), Rear end and cooling system. The car has a factory 4.6 3-valve GT engine with the GT500 T-56 6-Speed. Rear end is a factory limited slip 3:73 Radio. I'm doing complete fluid changes on all the cars and just need to know how much to buy of each fluid.
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I think this might get more answers in the GT500 tech section, I don't think many of us have the 6speed.

I found these in the manual though
Engine coolant system: 13.6 quarts (12.9L)
Rear axle fluid 8.8inch: 4.25 pints (1.5L)