FMIC DIY vs "bolt on" 96-98 Cobras


New Member
Mar 26, 2019
Hughesville PA
Here is my last attempt at this intercooler puzzle. So I am not going to get the CX racing kit for the 96-04 mustangs. Only because I don't need there BOV or oil cooler. Rather than that I will be getting there universal kit with piping and IC. I will have to buy the bracket separate. With that kit what other pcs would I need to buy to make this work. I will be running my current power pipe and maf as a draw through and a BPV. So the only mods I would need to do is have a bung welded for my IAT sensor and my BPV. Going to recirc it back into the power pipe as it is now. Or is there a easier more straight forward way of doing this? I have no issues cutting pipe, but have zero access to weld. I see so much debate that this and that kit works or it doesn't blah blah. Trying to keep this under $1k. Pics could be helpful, I don't want to buy all sorts of misc pcs I don't need...
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