Foose designs a fox

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Foose is an absolute legend....but he screwed up everything past the front of the rear wheel. The rear quarter panel is stretched and the wheel opening looks weird. Just my opinion.
I like the wheels. The stubby styling of the coupe quarter and trunk gives it the notch back feel. Without that it looks like every other 80s square car...only with mustang headlights. The notch is very hard to draw because the dimensions are so distinctive. I've tried many times and only made it look like a notch once.
"It's so flat and rectangular and square", that's exactly why I love the Foxbody!!!

Anyone else think Foose is holding a photo of Birddog's coupe?

I can see how you thought that, but mine does not have black side mouldings and my wheels aren't the Saleen wheels like on that one. Also mine has a cowl hood.
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