For sale 1990 Mustang GT, WA

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Nov 11, 2011
45,xxx original miles
5 speed tranny
aftermarket sound system
cobra upper and inner intake manifold
65 throttle body
bbk cold air
flowmaster 40s catback
new tires
just did a tune up
250 fuel pump
my name is Daniel and my cell phone number is 425 622 2757
the bad
paint is flaking
fog lens are broking
and the electric locks down work needs new Door Lock Actuator which is only 24 dollars
open for trades
best offer


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Feb 19, 2011
Eatonville Washington
$8000 I hope
Daniel, please do not take offense but at $8000 your car is needing work. Even with original miles you list a couple of things that are easy fixes one only cost $24.00 makes us think if he doesn't want to fix a 24.00 part what else is he not wanting to fix? paint flake now at 8k car I would expect a nice paint job not something that needs paint. Fog lights, fix them. tuck the stereo wires so they are not sticking out like a sore thumb in your pics. Clean off your power steering pump it looks like it was leaking for 47,000 miles just suggestions to help you sell the car and get top dollar out of it, and for god sake clean the wheels before you take a pic to advertise it for sale. Not trying to be mean or harsh just some tips . I know sometimes the internet is impersonal and people take things the wrong way when they read them. Please do your self the favor on cleaning the car up and you might get a little closer to the price your asking. Brian
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