For those of you wanting to use an AGR Power Steering pump...


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Aug 26, 2004
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Some of you know this is the recommended replacement pump for our engines. However, the return line is on the bottom of the pump, not the back. This return line almost contacts the accessory bracket, so it just won't fit without modifications. Suckage.

Well, I'm determined to make it work. I have a local place that should be able to make an adapter made of a hard metal line. The intention is to have this hard line bend up and around to about where the stock return line would be. The accessory bracket would need to be ground down some, but not so much it breaks.

I'm going to get this hard line adapter made withing the next two weeks. Would anyone here be interested in buying one? I'm not looking to make profit, it's something I want to offer back to you guys for all the help I've gotten here. I also figure it would be cheaper to have several made rather then just one. :D I have no idea how much each one would cost, so I can't quote a price. I'm guessing anywhere between $10-$50 for the line, plus shipping.

If you're interested, reply with how much you're willing to pay for the hose. If the hose costs more than you've listed, I won't have one made for you. Whaddya think? :shrug:
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LOL. good one.

I just bought the remanufactured one for 94-95 gt. and it came black. i also have lifetime warranty with it.

But if you ALREADY have the agr for mustang i would make it work!!! there is no need to buy a new one. AGR's are better anyway so i have heard...