For those with UPR X pipes....

302 coupe

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Mar 2, 2000
Macon, Ga.
I just installed the UPR o/r x pipe on my '03. I noticed that the pass.side tube comes close to the subframe/k-member/whatever part of the body it is right beside the starter, and I can hear a rattle/knock at idle. I am fairly sure that its just the pipe touching the frame. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Should I just drop the pipe and 'clearance' it with a hammer?

Whats weird is the first time I installed it, there was no rattle, but it had a small leak-so I dropped the pipe and re-seated the pass. side pipe to manifold gasket. Re-install, go for test drive, no leak, no rattle. I go for a drive yesterday and its rattling. :shrug: The rattle is also much louder inside the car than it is under the hood, thats why I'm thinking its making contact with the body or frame.
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I didn't experience any problems with my pipe rattling after the install. I would suggest finding out the exact place it is hitting and then seeing if you can make it clear somehow.

Good luck man and sorry I couldn't help more.