Ford "A" plan


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Jan 13, 2004
Detroit, MI
Anyone bought a new Mustang on the ford employee "A" plan? I'm trying to figure out how much you would save that way... I want to buy now but if you save a LOT then I'll wait until I can get a "A" plan ID... thanks
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its up to the individual dealer if they will accept the plans or not, the one i got my car wouldnt take it but one 2 hours west of me where i got my lightning from would, i didnt wanna make the drive but i would have, when the salesman realized he was gonna lose the sale he worked the #s and dropped the price for me, was a good thing too, because i didnt have the x-plan info at the time, it was one of those things i was supposed to get from a friend of a friend of a friend :)
x plan and A plan are vastly different. X plan is easy to get. A is for employees and close family only, if the dealer will take it.

A Plan is current Ford Credit, factory, or other employee
D Plan is current Dealership Employee
Z Plan is Retired Factory Worker
X Plan can be given out to friends/family by A/Z plan recipients
X Plan is also available to 1000's of business' out there

Stan, if you don't mind, what dealer are you working with here in Vegas?

if the dealer will take it

I can't see any dealership turning down any plan this day in age.