Forum wars?

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Thanks for the heads up. I had never even heard of Forum wars. I just watched what I guess were the first 4 episodes. When do they come out? It was cool seeing Stangnet win and the fastest lap time so far, wow. Beating out the gtr and the porche. Looks like theres going to be some big hitters coming up on future episodes.
I believe every Monday? I didn't check it yesterday, but once a week they post up a new one. Yeah they have a Vette and a Viper dragging it out at some point. Knowing the media industry it will be last... :p

Rob said he loved the way his Gt handled and with him having the fastest lap time I can see why. He was what half second faster than the 996?

"It's my girlfriend's car." That's still my favorite moment though! Why race if it's not yours? :rlaugh: