Fox Body convertible car audio wiring path for power, rca and speaker wire to/from trunk

I’m in the process of building an audio system in my ‘93 GT Vert with 3 amps, DSP, subs and all new speaker wiring. Planning to use the stock headunit so every thing looks stock. What is the best path to get 0 gauge power to the trunk? What’s the best path to get speaker wires from the trunk? Where is a good ground in truck area?

Normally I’d run along the edge, but with the moving convertible mechanism I’m wondering if running down the center and up the backseat near the pump would be better? I’m guessing I may need to go below the pump in order to pass wires under the top when its down. Can I drill a hole behind the backseat to get to the trunk?

Any pics of how you all ran your wires in a convertible would be appreciated. Also any pics of your amp rack would be awesome too. I need ideas.
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