Fox body power steering pump on a classic? (primary concern - pressure)


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May 1, 2002
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I want to throw a clean serpentine setup on my mustang (66 mustang, 408w... electric fan)... currently has a serpentine setup out of a ~90 bronco, including the power steering pump. The local pepboys made the stock rubber hoses work well (actually did a great job, looks pretty damn good), but they said when I picked it up that the bronco pump's higher pressure (Vs the previous setup, which was all stock 289) would eventually cause some leaks.

And it does, a little.

Most of the serpentine setups I see use Fox body pumps. My quick internet searches don't reveal any huge issues with classic owners using fox pumps... haven't run into one saying the pressure was too much for his stock oil lines or anything (yet).

So... is this considered plug and play? I'm sure the pump will fit (the bronco pump is huge and fit within the tiny 66 engine bay, so i'd be very surprised if clearance was an issue). I'd just hate to buy another pump with excess pressure.

Anything else to consider?

Looking at this kit on summit:
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Sep 14, 2018
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On the older pumps you can change the the pressure by the number of shims used in the pressure regulator, don't know about the Fox pumps, but would assume something simular or aftermarket. I installed a 69 351W and pump in a 66 with a stock rack assist system. All worked well, except the pump had too much flow, and was bypassing to the point where if I was ripping on the car the power steering dip stick would pop out. I think the fix would have been an under drive pulley but the car was stolen, ending all those problems.


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These guys:

...are pretty much the pulley and accessory drive heroes. If nothing else, you can get a good look at what is available after-market wise. You can also look at as a way to put your own drive system together. If there's a pulley you need that you cannot find anywhere, ASP can make it.

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