fox valve covers ?? Need help quick


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I am in the process of installing the fox valve covers and I am almost to the point I start breaking stuff.

Anyway I have scorpion 1.72 rockers and I can't get the driver's side to fit well. The passenger side clears with no modification what so ever, but the drivers side is killing me. I have grinded out some on the inside, and don't know how much further I should go.

Anyway, is there anyone that has installed these with the same rockers ??

Also, there is no baffle in the fill neck. What should I do in regards to preventing oil from going up into the fill tube with a breather cap on there ??
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Charlie - I ran into the same problem as you on my 1.6 Scorpions. It seems that my problem was that the ribs by the bolt holes were holding me up. I think if I grinded the 4 ribs over on the left side of the valve cover and they would fit. I haven't actually done it yet, I've only checked it out, and tried to figure out what the problem was.

I just installed some Fox covers when I did my HCI. I experienced no difficulty installing the drivers side however, the pass. was quite different. I'm using FRPP 1.7 stud mount rockers. You know there are two styles of fox covers, right? You can get the 92 or 93 (maybe 91) which do not have the 'ribs' on the sides. I have the later style so the ribs were not an issue. I had to get my dremmel and remove the aluminum bosses which were in place to hold the oil fill baffle. I had to grind the outside of the pass cover to fit up next to the alternator. I'm using a 94/95 Cobra intake which also needed some grinding on the bottom of the EGR mount. I also had to slighty, carefully bend the oil fill tube away from the end of the throttle body. I hope this helps.