Engine Foxbody cooling and idling


Wasn't a pretty sight...and I've got big hands
SN Certified Technician
Mar 2, 2015
Should definitely be pulling through the radiator. That's probably the solution to your problem.

I'll state this anyways. My car is a 331 turbo, ported TrickFlow Twisted wedge heads, xe282hr camshaft, and MSPNP2. I run a 192° thermostat, 3 row aluminum radiator, contour electric fans, stock equivalent replacement water pump, and metal lower hose. Aftermarket fans have a history here of not working to coolant cars down. My car usually runs at 203° but has been 212° after a hard blast. My fans are controlled by the mspnp2 but I do have an override switch. There was a conversation about collapsing lower radiator hoses here a whole ago. I just ran into that issue with a customer of mine that owns a 92 GT. The only way he knew was to set his phone to record and stick it down there and drive. The first pull he made he saw the hose go flat. This is no your issue ( backwards wiring seems the likely fix ) but if you don't have a spring in that hose you may want to get one.

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