Foxbody owner from Iowa


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Aug 26, 2011
Hello, I am a new guy from Iowa. I have been around mustangs for a while. I am currently working on my 89 lx convertible. this was a gift from my father before he died. we worked on it a lot over the years. I am currently in the middle of an AOD to 5 speed swap. I found this forum when I was doing some planning and figuring how best to manage the wiring issues. I will doubtless have more questions in the near future. in the mean time I was able to find the answers to my questions so I appreciate the site and the help.

a little info about my car. I plan to get a new license plate when I finish this swap, it will read CHYMERA because this car is a mix of all different kinds of things. appearance wise it is an 89 lx with a 50/50 paint job, cobra grill modification, cobra wheels, svo hood, 90 interior swap with styling bar, a DIY ford strokers 331 with vortech supercharger. it had a monster transmission but as mentioned it is getting a 5 speed. it has 3.73 limited slip rear gears, and I changed most of the interior to black. it is fun to drive and I anticipate it will be even more fun with the swap. (this picture was taken before adding the supercharger.)

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Aug 26, 2011
hey since I am new here would someone tell me how you go about editing a post. I wanted to change the title to new foxbody owner from Iowa but I can't see how to edit the thread anywhere


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Aug 26, 2011


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Aug 26, 2011
I am not sure about the paint code. I will check it out when I go out to put the clutch and pressure plate on later today. as for the forum. I spent some time perusing it last night thanks. I have found lots of information so far I was having difficulty finding the jumper behind the radio. But I found it once I knew where to look. I have the pedals swapped and the aid sitting on the floor I am just waiting for the transmission to get here patience Has never been one of my virtues


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Aug 26, 2011
I'm sorry, I meant no offence. I was just imagining a sort of legacy build. I'll keep future comments like that to myself.

it's ok. The thing is, if you knew the kind of relationship my Dad and I had before he passed, you would understand that nothing would make him happier than to know that I was continuing to enjoy this mustang, building it and modifying it however I felt like at the time. you see, that is what we have done together pretty much my entire life. My Dad was a mechanic and so we were always working on things together. we did restomod long before it was even a word. My first vehicle was a 1970 ford shortbox pickup that we swapped a 429 and toploader 4 speed into when I was 14. Then for my 19th birthday my parents gave me the 65 mustang project that he had bought earlier that year, I thought he had bought it for himself, but I thought it was cool. I still have that one btw. the first thing we did to it was repaint it and then we rebuilt the engine out of my grandmas comet, and swapped in a 4 speed. I learned almost everything I know about cars working on that mustang. we have modified more times than I can remember.

later when that engine was getting tired I built a new engine from a dissassembled long block kit. I had Dad watch me, but I built that one myself, it was my first engine build. we later swapped a 5 speed into it, and added a supercharger.

when my Daughter was 11 we started building her a 67 mustang. that we got running in time for her to take to her first car show when she was 14.
it has a 5.0 and aod trans from an 89 mustang I bought and rebuilt off ebay. we later put an msd atomic fuel injection kit on it.



this picture is my Dad helping my daughter torque the main caps on her mustang engine when she was 12


he helped me build my 90 jeep wrangler that I did a 4.6 liter fuel injected swap, and all the other things I did to it.

This is the last picture I have of him.


that picture was taken about 4 months before he died. I brought him over from the nursing home where he was living so he could help me put the body back on my 71 bronco project.

building cars and modifying them, and talking about what our next project was going to be was what we did. I enjoy working on them more than driving them. for me that is the fun part. so yeah this car is a legacy build in a sense and I intend to keep on building it and having fun with it for a good long time. Dad just passed last august but I am sure he would love to have been a part of this project too.
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