New Foxbody Member from California


May 10, 2021
San Jose, CA
Blessings everyone, new member from San Jose California. I've been reading this forum for years and had a quick question regarding what control arms I may have. Nonetheless I bought a 1990 mustang GT back in 2020 as a pandemic project. Since then, I have probably done more to the car than not. To name some of the bigger projects

I swapped in another 302 and refreshed it before putting it in... all new gaskets new waterpump etc...
I upgraded to gt40 heads and intake from a ford explorer.
I swapped in a t5 from a sn95.
I took out the dash to replace the heater core.
replaced front suspension bushings.
have SVE lowering springs with Koni Yellows in front and Reds in back.
I had a shop weld in MM full length subframe connectors.
swapped to a solid steering rack.

and there are many more mods that i have done, there are just to many to list. As of now i dont have many pictures of the car itself but have an unlimited amount of videos through the years. The car is daily driven at times but mostly it is for fun. It legally passes smog in California and gets almost the same gas mileage as my Lexus RX300. Thanks for reading!

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