FREAKY headlights

Hello, Patrick Sullivan, NOOB here trying to use my Fox Body to Auto Cross Here in Colorado! & I am trying to correct a BUTT load of problems, mechanical as well as electrical. So, 1st problem, my FREAKY headlights stay, on all the time. In my 89 Lx convertible + someone took out the light switch and pulled all the wires out of the holder & is MIA (missing in action). Need a game plan/pin out with wire color & location in the back of the switch. Or any other suggestions - Thanks in advance...
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Apr 16, 2015
Pick up either the factory service manuals or I would recommend the Chilton's manual for your year. The wiring diagrams show the connector, wire colors, wire gauge and wire location in the connector.


Back in the mid 90's I installed a complete 88 dash in an 83, reconnecting and making everything functional.
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Thank You KRUISR.
The attachment you sent. is exactly what I needed. Headed over to pick up NEW solderless connectors (I'll solder them too), to rewire my switch. Plus I am on the lookout for, (Factory Service Manual) or Chilton's. Again, Thanks for the help.
Sullie 8/Patrick


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