Front Wheel Hitting Swaybar and Aligment Help!

Ok so after I installed the sportlines and 18 inch wheels on my car everytime I do a u turn my swaybar and wheels connect for a loud metal to metal noise. i don't want to damage my wheels, anything I can do. Luckily its only when I make a full turn to the right which I actually never really do unless maybe pulling out of a parking space and I have to turn my wheels all the way to the right.

My setup in the front is as follow:
Eibach Pro Struts
Eibach Sportlines
Steeda Camber Plates
9" Cobra Wheels with 265/35/18 Tires

I already had the car aligned, unfortunately because of the size of the tires/wheels and the drop the alignment engineer said he could not hit Ford's specs by a little.
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10 Year Member
Dec 6, 2007
SE Georgia
my ex had the bullit sway bar on the front and 18x8.5 rims on the front and the we would get some sway bar contact on the wheels when we turned all the way. we just learned to no lock the steering wheel all the way and everything was fine.


Oct 21, 2006
once again, I can only recomend..
the steeda lower ball joint and bump steer kit for lowered cars, this might get you th eclearance you need and will definately fix your suspension problem that I bet you didn't even know you had.