Expired Fs: 1997 Black On Black Cobra Coupe. Procharged And Fully Built. Motivated Seller!

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Jun 1, 2013
I am not a new poster, just couldn't access my other account (red98cobrastang) no matter what I did, so I just made a new one. I mainly post on SVTperformance dot com, but lurked here all time. Enjoy!
***The first two pictures are actually videos of the car, so please click them!!!***
OK guys, going to be a lengthy post because of all the mods. Bare with me and read through the whole post please. Looking to make a quick sale. Highly motivated seller.

1997 real cobra, no clone. Clean title in hand.

VIN 1FALP47V1VF155717

Black exterior and Black leather interior. 104k on the body.

Mods: Engine and powertrain have roughly 25k miles on them.

Teskid Block .020 over
Mahle Pistons 11cc dished
Modmax H beam rods
Stock forged cobra crank
All ARP hardware
TKO 600 transmission w/ tremec bellhousing
Steeda Tri-ax shifter
Spec Stage 2 clutch
Steeda clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster
raptor shift light
aluminum driveshaft and 31 spline yoke
auburn pro rearend with FRPP 4.10's
31 spline axles
New starter
FRPP C springs with poly isos all around
tockico illumina shocks and struts
MM full length SFC's
MM Caster/Camber plates
Steeda upper and lower rear control arms
New outer tie rods
FRPP 9mm spark plug wires, NGK spark plugs.
SCT2800 MAF w/ diablo mafia
IMRC deletes
340lph in tank fuel pump and 255lph inline
FRPP 42lb injectors
P1SC procharger w/ custom intercooler.
Vortech Mondo bypass valve
RR 3.4" pulley making 13psi. New belt.
stock manifolds with upr offroad x pipe and dynomax VT mufflers dumped
custom tuned by Simpson Performance. Comes with SCT X3 handheld
Fluidyne Radiator w/ 180 degree stat. Never overheats.
18x9 and 18x10 Black saleens
245/40/18 Kumho Ecsta MX's and 305/35/18 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials
Drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic pads all around
Pioneer headunit with Pioneer amp, capacitor and JL 12w3 subwoofer.
Custom cross brace in the trunk
autometer clock pod boost and AFR gauges (true wideband reading)
Cobra R hood
Car made 440rwhp and 400rwtq on a nice safe tune. consistantly get 16mpg around town and 22 on the highway.
I'm sure there are things I am missing, but will add them as I remember.

Interior and Exterior

The seats have absolutely no rips or cracks. Interior is very clean for being 16 years old. No weird smells, etc. I would rate it a solid 9/10.

The exterior is probably the worst part of the car. The front bumper has a 3M clear bra that makes the front end look faded at some angles. The clear coat is starting to crack in some spots leaving "fingernail" marks all over the car. It's not absolutely horrible. From 5-10 feet away it is not noticeable. I'm sure with a good wet sanding it would look almost mint. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I encourage you to come take a look at the vehicle and come on a test drive.

I am a certified mechanic and take pride of ownership in everything I own. This is my 3rd vehicle. Only reason for selling is I need the money for a down payment on a home.

Like I said title in hand, ready to sell. Motivated seller.

I am asking $10,900 but will entertain any reasonable offer. Please no tire -kickers. I'm not out to waste anyone's time, so please do not waste mine.

Email me at [email protected] or call/text me at 847-997-3866. I am able to show the vehicle M-F after 3pm and anytime on the weekends.


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