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Jul 13, 2002
Austin TX
I have had terrible luck with headers on my car, bought two sets already and neither one fits just right. My losses will be someone's gain. Putting these up here before they go on eGay. Technically these are used since they've been installed but neither set has ever been fired. The Hedman's came with traditional collectors, they're included (of course), both sets come with 16 bolts, the JBA bolts have lockwashers.

SET #1
These are Hedman Elite "swap" units, they are ceramic coated, designed for those who put a 351W in a 67/68 (maybe a 65/66 too) Mustang. They fot the engine compartment wonderfully, I cannot use them because I have an AOD and a convertible. They are tight on the AOD's pan but should work in a notchback or fastback since the floors won't cause so much problem for the exhaust shop.

Summit part number is HED-88666 and pricing is $434.39 plus shipping.

SET #2
These are JBA Stainless Steel shorties, natural finish. These have the modern style ball-joint collector. These did not fit since I have a 351W, they are designed for a 289/302 and would not sufficiently clear the inner frames behind the front wheels due to the 351W being wider. I figured (wrongly) that shorties would not have clearance issues...doh!

Summit part number is JBA-1650S and pricing is $381.95 plus shipping.

I'll sell these for only 75% of new pricing, rounded to the nearest $5 increment, actual shipping will be added but no profit will be hidden in bogus S&H charges. I'll simply wrap/tape them with bubble wrap and affix a label unless other arrangements are made.
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