Ft. Wayne IN car show July 17th

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I was thinking about going but I don't know where to go....Also I have a 95 v6 white conv. with a system and some rims and tinted windows. is that enough to get into the car show? Sorry never been to one

I'll be there with a few friends.

There are really no requirements for being in the car show. Just pay your $15 park it and have fun.

I am not putting my car in the show mainly because I dont want to be there at 8:00 am when it starts.

Runs from 8-12 and prizes etc are at 4. At least thats what I read online.
I will be there with my 73 429 Convertible and our 1978 red King Cobra.
We wll be there wth a friend who has a 1970 Fastback 351C which he engineered a Supercharger for. It is Awsome. It is wicked fast.We are driving down from Holland Mi for the show. Registration is from 8-12 and the show is 12-4pm