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I don't.....running 94 leaves it for fun and stress relief....it gets about the same as my Jeep wrangler with a 258 straight six with 31 super swampers.....more of a "don't want to get the car keyed in the work parking lot thing" for me....lol

Fuel Economy & Mustang just doesn't make sence, unless your driving a Mustang II. Really the 4cyl Mustang's & Capri's (yep I had one of those) are the fuel savers, but if I want fuel economy I'll drive my wifes 01 Honda Civic, or even my 04 Honda Oddessy both of which get way better mileage then my vert but arn't nearly as fun to drive.
Actually, I kinda drive mine for economy.

I have a long commutte to work (87 miles on way and I know I need to move). Anyway, of the two vehicles I own, it's either the '95 Bronco that gets 15.5 mpg average for the commutte, or the Mustang that gets 24.5 mpg average on the commutte.
I drive mine as a dd and the horrible gas mileage makes me more and more mad...what can I say, getting 13-14mpg takes a tole on a poor college student. Affording books and beer is enough of a hassle :D
I do too...

My dakota gets 15mpg average with my drivign style and the car gets 18+.... so that is how I justify all the $$ I spend on the car.... :)

Well that and it saves wear and tear on my truck too... (depreciation also)...